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Bridging the gap between Science and Society through Citizen Science

Description and Scope

Citizen science interventions are becoming more and more relevant across all scientific disciplines and the humanities and it can potentially bring a wide variety of benefits to researchers, citizens, policy makers and society across the research and innovation cycle. Nevertheless, there are difficulties setting up citizen science initiatives, for example in terms of choosing the optimum methodologies and ensuring balanced participation of citizens.

The Webinar aims at introducing the REINFORCE project to the European Research community and to the broad public of potential citizen scientists, focusing mostly on the four Citizen Science Demonstrators that will be developed within the project. REINFORCE will create a series of cutting-edge citizen science projects on frontier Physics research, with citizen scientists making a genuine and valued contribution to managing the data avalanche, with the aim of reaching the following impacts:

  • Generating a change in awareness and understanding of basic research and its impact on society;
  • Developing new knowledge and innovations by citizens;
  • Offering availability of evaluation data concerning the societal, democratic and economic costs and benefits of citizen science; and
  • Making available indicators to measure the impact of citizen science activities.

Main Takeaways:

  • Understanding what is the potential of citizen science for society
  • Discovering the benefits of integrating citizens input in frontier Physics research
  • Keeping abreast with the research work carried out within Large Research Infrastructures

Who should attend:

  • EU Research community in Physics field
  • Potential citizen scientists
  • Gravitational Wave Astronomy researchers and academics
  • Neutrino Astronomy researchers and academics
  • High Energy and Cosmic Rays Physics experts
  • Marine life experts


Agenda & PPT presentations

11:00–11:05 — Welcome and introduction

11:05–11:15 — Citizen engagement strategy

11:15–11:25 — Gravitational Wave noise hunting

11:25–11:35 — Deep Sea Hunters

11:35–11:45 — Search for New Particles at the LHC

11:45–11:55 — Cosmic Muons Images

11:55–12:50 — Q&A


In case you missed it, watch the webinar here:


Key Speakers:



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