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Progetto Frange D’interferenza di Luca Serasini

The idea of this installation was born from a guided tour of the VIRGO interferometer in the Municipality of Cascina, one of the four antennas in the world (2 are in the USA, 1 newly built is in Japan) made for the detection of gravitational waves from the universe. Inside a cultivated field near the west arm of the interferometer Luca Serasini will "draw" the interference fringes as they are produced by the antenna demonstration model, in dimensions varying between 8 and 18 feet in length. It will be, as in the wake of the other land art made by Serasini during almost 10 years of his Progetto Costellazioni an intimate installation, to be visited in silence, alone, where the visitor can wonder about the immensity of the universe, the intensity of its presence and the flow-waves that this brings us. Through an app that can be downloaded on smartphones and only working near the installation, visitors will be immersed in a soundscape created specifically by Massimo Magrini that will be controlled by the location and movement of the visitor within the installation space, in order to make the presence in the site interactive also from a sound point of view. Sound materials will be constructed starting only from the sounds of the interferometer: that is, both from the "template" signals (models of those that are attempted to be picked up with the interferometer), and from those actually detected in recent years and corresponding to events that occurred in remote regions of the universe. The recording of some vital signals, and the display of some cardiac functional parameters will provide information on the subjective, emotional response of artists during the artistic performance. Moreover, some "cardiac" sounds may be recorded by echocardiography that will further strengthen the emotional component of the artists.

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